Hot Elf Girls

Mysterious mythical beings created from light.
In this article: short history of elves and elf female art.

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Short History of Elves

I'll just go ahead and pretend that everyone knows how an looks like... After all, we see them everywhere these days: in movies (The Lord of the Rings), in games (World of Warcraft), in literature (J. R. Tolkien).

Elves were once divine beings with magical powers (at least in Germanic/Norse mythology), divided into "light elves" and "dark elves".

In the modern folklore, elves become associated with fairies, assuming a diminutive size and living in forests or springs. Once with the published works of J. R. Tolkien, elves entered the 20th century in full size as men and women of great beauty.

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 Elf vs. Dark Elf battle from Lineage II videogame.

Important Notice
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Post-Tolkien fantasy elves (popularized by the "Dungeons & Dragons" RPG) are lovers of nature and art, and were often depicted as wiser, more beautiful and more astute than we humans. They are also skilled archers, have pointed ears and beautiful eyes.

Elves were often used as a general term for "fairies" in the 19th Anglo-Saxon literature. They are mentioned in some very important works of medieval literature (e.g. by Shakespeare). Elves have long life-spans, which may explain why they are always very calm and patient, even in the face of immediate danger.

Hot Elf Girls

Lots of hot elves pictures for your viewing pleasure. As you will notice, both Elves of Light and Night Elves are attractive in appearance. It is what it is, don't ask.

Artwork below: Elf Portrait by Nick Deligaris
elves art elf portrait

elf warrior girl girl from elf movie elf on the shelf girl
Elf Traveler by Derek Herring
She looks so damn hot
Inea Elf Girl by Maxarkes
A beautiful elf portrait
Elf in The Woods (Elena Dudina)
A quartet in the woods
young elf girl hot elf queen hot elves queen
Young Elf Girl by VanEvil
Cute elf; maybe too cute
Hot Elf Queen by VanEvil
The dress, oh the dress...
Ice Queen by Azrayen
She looks so "cold"...
elf ranger girl fereil elf girl hot elf girl
Elf Ranger by Ben Wootten
Of Magic the Gathering
Feriel Elf Girl by Kerem Beyit
Dark elves can be hot too
Elf in The Breeze by Maxarkes
One cute Anime-style elf
nature elf girl white elf girl elf warrior
Nature Elf (Sandra Duchiewicz)
She's so full of it
Archer Elf Girl by Henry Aponte
Inspired by Legolas (LoTR)
Elf Warrior by Steve Argyle
A lovely Amazonian elf
elves art elves girls elves art ysera
Elf Art by Unknown Artist
Pink serenity or something
Hot Elf Girl by MKPL
An elf from Lineage 2?
Elves Art by Linda Lisa
Ysera from World of Warcraft
elven girls hot elves master nellyraen dark elf
Young Elf Girl by Lei Wang
One hot Assian elf
Elf Master by Derek Herring
Of Legends of Norrath
Nellyraen Darl Elf by Candra
Is she... broken?
elves art valeera hot elf mage hot elves mariposas
Valeera Elf Girl by Shiramune
Blood Elf Valeera Saguinar
Elf Mage by Elton Robb
A red-headed Barbie
Hot Elf by Elena Dudina
Me gustan las mariposas
elves art tech magic elf warrior elves art anime
iElf by Yumedust
I wonder what she's listening
M& M Elf by Maria Trepalina
Of Heroes of Might& Magic
Anime Elf Art by Saehral
Getas PanChan, perfect lines
elf warrior forest elven princess elf warrior archer
Elf Girl by Maria Nikolopoulou
An Avatar-style elf
Elven Princess (Christian Aare)
Hot blooded and seductive
Elven Archer by Han Park
Edited five times already
sexy elves mariposas sexy elves axelia dark elf drow
Elf & Mariposa by Elena Dudina
Do you love butterflies?
DWIV Axelia by Shiramune
A really cool elf concept
Dark Elf by GRB76
She's the Drow Queen (D&D)
elven girls gaia dark elf portrait night elf priest
Desna & Gren by Jovana G.
A commision at Gaia Online
Vainilae The Priestess by
Amanda Morgan (via e-mail)
Night Elf Priest by A. Jones
Drawing inspired by WoW
elves art love hot elves star elven girls meadow
Elves Cuddle by VanEvil
Actually, it's Twili® cuddle
Elf Superstar by Henry Aponte
Why so jumpy?
Aliele by Agnieszka Miroslaw
Aliele at the... meadow

I hope you enjoyed watching these hot elves. Take care of yourself and remember to bookmark this page in order to get the updates!

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