Best Fairy Art

Fairies are sneaky little creatures known to be involved...
in many medieval kidnapping cases. Beware!

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Cute little creatures with beautiful wings made out of our wildest dreams...

Short History of Fairies

A is a cute little creature from the folklore, generally described as human female and having various magical powers.

In the folklore, wings are very rare for fairies. Instead, they are usually depicted as flying on the backs of birds or on ragwort stems. Fairies' wings appeared later, in the Victorian period, giving them a sexier look.

Nowadays, fairies are often depicted with beautiful butterfly wings, as you will see shortly in the sexy fairies gallery below. The origins of the fairies are unknown, but most historians agree that they lie in lost religious beliefs.

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The artworks displayed on this webpage are copyrighted and the property of their respective owners. DO NOT, under any circumstances, download these images and use them somewhere else on the Web. I have personally contacted the authors and asked for their permissions to display their artworks here. You are not allowed to use these pictures!

Despite their hot looks, fairies were usually mischievous, little creatures. Some of their pranks were mostly harmless; however, far more dangerous acts were also attributed to fairies, such as kidnapping babies or young humans. Not fair...

If you don't want that to happen to you, simply hang a horseshoe over your front door. Because fairies hold an aversion to "cold iron," you and your family would be safe. ;)

Best Fairies Pictures

Lots of hot fairy pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Image below: Pin-up Fairy by Irene Zeleskou (Fairies and Flowers)
pin up fairy

Picture below: Anime Fairy by Pinax Pinakes
picture of fairy

Artwork below: Little Fairy by Lithriel
little fairy

Concept below: Mushroom Fairy by Anne Stokes
mushroom fairy image

Image below: Gold Fairy by Unknown Artist
gold fairy illustration

Picture below: Night Fairy by James Ryman
night fairy picture

Concept below: Rose Fairy by Anne Stokes (Fairies and Flowers)
rose fairy image

Fairy dust below: Spellbound by Anne Stokes
dust fairy

Fairy below: Silk Lure by Anne Stokes
silk fairy

Concept below: Virgo Fairy by Derek Brewster
virgo fairy illustration

Image below: Aracnafaria Fairy by Anne Stokes
aracnafaria night fairy

Artwork below: Monarch by Nathalia Suellen
monarch fairy pictures

Picture below: Lost Love by Anne Stokes
gothic fairies lost love

Concept below: Little Fairy by Moonchild Ljilja
little fairy image

Image below: Jade Fairy by James Ryman (Fairies and Flowers)
jade fairy

Artwkork below: In the Golden Forest by Soa Lee
hot fairy in forest

Picture below: Immortal Flight by Anne Stokes
immortal gothic fairies

Concept below: Green Fairy by Derek Brewster
forest fairy

Image below: Forest Fairy by Derek Brewster
forest fairies

Art below: Fairy Makeup by Ibarra Photo
ibarra fairy images

Art below: Fireflies by Derek Brewster
fireflies fairy illustration

Concept below: Fairy of Halloween Pumpkin by Candra
halloween fairies illustrations

Image below: Fairy in The Sky by CPEx Slash
sky fairies illustrations

Fairy below: Fairy Christmas Card by Candra
christmas fairies illustrations

Image below: Fairy catching Pixies by Candra
fairies pixies candra

To find out more about the artists, visit their websites: Anne Stokes, James Ryman.

I hope you enjoyed watching the hot fairies gallery above. More fairies and flowers soon!

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