3 Dota Lina Inverse Strategy Guide - Learn to Play with The Slayer

Lina Inverse, The Slayer (DotA)

Most feared enemy of the Scourge, most loyal defender of the Sentinel.
In this article: DotA's Lina Inverse strategy guide and pictures of Lina.

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Who is Lina Inverse?

dota lina

A powerful sorceress, of DotA is mostly famous for killing bandits (to take their loot) and slaying mighty dragons (accidentally destroying entire cities in the process). Bad Lina, bad...

Lina Dota is quite proficient at shooting fireballs at her enemies, and has mastered powerful spells such as the .

While concerned primarily with acquiring gold and powerful weapons, Dota Lina fights for the Sentinel in exchange for a huge promised reward should she help destroy the Frozen Throne. A loyal defender of the Sentinel, Lina is a smoking hot sorceress!

I love playing with Lina because it's such a powerful character! Some would say it's an unfair unbalanced hero due to her destructive capabilities later in the game. And for good reason! I've put together a Strategy Guide for Lina; you can read it below.

More about Dota Lina The Slayer

Stay tuned for Lina Inverse Strategy Guide and also check out a few pictures with her.

Lina Starting Stats:
  1. Damage: 37 - 55
  2. Range: 600
  3. Hit Points: 492
  4. Mana: 312
  5. Speed: 295
  6. Armor: 1

The Slayer's Attributes
  1. Strength: 18 (+ 1.5/level; each point increases HP by 19 and HP regeneration);

  2. Agility: 16 (+ 1.5/level; every 7 pts. increase Armor by 1; each point increases Dota Slayer attack speed by 1%);

  3. Intelligence: 24 (+ 3.2/level; primary Attribute; each point increases mana by 13, mana regeneration and damage by 1).

Lina's Pros & Cons
  1. Dota Lina has a good Intelligence growth compared with other heroes, a long range and she's strong during early-mid game. A decent support hero with spells which damage, stun & "terminate" single targets.

  2. As cons., Dota Slayer has a slow Strength and Agility growth, she is easy to kill early game, the spells deplete her mana fast and has a hard to aim stun.

Lina The Slayer Spells

1. Dragon Slave - A wave of fire that ripples out from Lina Dota, causing damage to land units in a line of 825 range. Takes 0.5 sec. to cast and has a cooldown of 8.5 seconds. lina inverse spell dragon slave

Mana Cost: 90 (at Level 1) » 140 (at Level 4)
Damage: 100 (at Level 1) » 280 (at Level 4)
Deals damage in a rectangle in front of her.

Deals magical damage (damage is reduced by the target's Spell Resistance and can be blocked by Spell Immunity).

Together with can be used to farm creep waves with ease and to chip away your enemy's hit points from a safe distance.

When casting Dragon Slave, take into consideration that the spell does further damage in spite of the graphics. Therefore, simply clicking on an enemy while aiming the Dragon Slave isn't the most efficient way of using this spell.

2. Light Strike Array - Summons a column of flame that damages and stuns an area of 225 AoE for 1.6 seconds. Takes half a second to cast and has a cooldown of 7 seconds. lina inverse spell light strike array

Mana Cost: 90 (at Level 1) » 125 (at Level 4)
Damage: 90 (at Level 1) » 280 (at Level 4)
Casting Range: 600. Effect is delayed 0.5 seconds.

Deals magical damage (damage is reduced by the target's Spell Resistance and can be blocked by Spell Immunity).

Together with can be used to farm creep waves with ease. Can also stun multiple enemies. Hard to use by people playing with Dota Lina for the first time.

If your enemy is moving, predict where he will be after a second and cast your spell there.

3. Ultimate - Increases Dota Lina's attack speed. Very usefull! The spell has a cooldown of 30 seconds and does not stack with any frenzy type of skill. lina inverse ultimate

Mana Cost: 60 for all levels.
From 10% increased attack speed for 20 sec. at Level 1,
to 60% increased attack speed for 30 sec. at Level 4.

Most people tend to distribute points to Dota Lina's Ultimate at the end, because The Slayer requires more Stats to boost her low HP and also needs to have enough mana to cast her spells. Nevertheless, this skill is what makes her different from other casters early game.

You know when ultimate is active when you see a smoke over your head.

4. Laguna Blade - Fires of bolt of lightning at a single target, dealing critical damage. Cooldown: 150/90/55 lina inverse spell laguna blade

Mana Cost: 280 (at Level 1) » 680 (at Level 3)
Damage: 450 (at Level 1) » 950 (at Level 3)
Casting Range: 600, which is actually Dota Lina attack range.

Deals magical damage (damage is reduced by the target's Spell Resistance and can be blocked by Spell Immunity and Linken's Sphere).

This spell is the STRONGEST SINGLE TARGET NUKE in the game, only competed by Finger of Death. The true essence of Dota Slayer, is what makes her a great killer early to mid game, because she can 'terminate' enemy heroes even if they still have a big amount of hit points left.

Purchase to considerable increase Laguna Blade's damage!

How To Play with Lina: The Slayer Guide

First off, purchase Ring of Regeneration. It should help you greatly in reducing the trips you take running back to the fountain for regeneration, especially since Lina Dota is a ranged hero. The ring provides an additional +2 HP/sec. regeneration. ALTERNATIVELY, you can buy Boots of Speed - which allows Lina to travel faster and catch up to enemies.

dota ring of regeneration OR dota boots of speed

Next, get Bootle. Because Dota Slayer has mana problems early game, when she has to cast her 3 spells, Bottle will provide burst regeneration which is perfect for spamming her skills, healing her fragile HP and allowing Lina to remain in control of her lane with fresh hit points and mana. The Bottle is one of the first Dota items you must buy to keep Lina alive. dota bottle

You can then purchase 2 Bracers or Perseverance, so that you can spam your spells and harass your enemies during early game. Dota Lina needs more HP to be able to survive on the battlefield. Each Bracer provides +3 all Attributes and a welcomed +3 to Strength. As you probably already know, each point of Strength increases HP by 19. On the other hand, Perseverance gives the Slayer +125% Mana regeneration and +5 HP regen./sec.

dota bracer + dota bracer OR dota perseverance

Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse for Lina
dota scythe of vyse A luxury item, Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse is recommended to be purchased later in the game as this item is quite expensive. Any hero based on Intelligence will greatly benefit from this artifact. It gives +35 Intelligence, +10 Strength, +10 Agility, +200% mana regeneration and Hex (a spell which turns enemies into critters: they are incapacitated, while Lina casts her death spells at them or makes a run for her life).

The Slayer Aghanim's Scepter
dota aghanim scepter Another expensive item that will boost Slayer's damage to 1250. Laguna Blade can easily kill Intelligence and Agility heroes, since they tend to have low HP or it can heavily cripple them during the start of team clashes, giving your team an easy kill. Also provides +30 Intelligence, +500 HP and +500 mana, giving Lina great survivability. Get this when your team has enough disables but generally lacks some firepower.

Using Dagon Early in the Game with Lina
dota dagon Should you purchase Dagon early in the game, you can use it in combination with your nuke skills to finish off an enemy. Combo you can try using is: try predicting where the enemy will be in the next second and cast spell at the area. Once hitting the enemy hero, he will be stunned. Then, right click on him to get a free shot. Follow up with and . If the enemy is still alive, give him a taste of your Dagon and the battle should be over. If you are having a bad time predicting where the enemy hero is to cast Light Strike on him, try to trick him into attacking you instead.

turn lights outTurn lights out! Click anywhere in the page to switch back to normal.
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FARMING aka Getting Gold from Kills with Lina

Farming is easy once you reach about Level 9 and the revenues are actually good, because of Dota Slayer's two AoE* spells. Continually spamming your and spells at groups of creeps and the gold should be raking in. Once you cast one spell, let your own creeps inflict some damage, then cast your other spell to kill the enemy creeps; otherwise your skills will be wasted because YOU ONLY GET MONEY IF YOU HAD THE LAST KILL. You can also use your to clear creep waves faster.

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  8. Lina Inverse by Langaw

* AoE - Area of Effect. This type of spell affects multiple targets within a pre-determined radius set by the game mechanics. AoE can sometimes be increased by buying Dota items.

Dota Guide: Useful Tips & Tricks for Lina Inverse

  1. Beware of Naix! His ultimate renders him immune to all your spells.

  2. Hit 'S' to stop Dota Lina spell casting in case you aimed wrong.

  3. dota linken sphere If the enemy team has deadly nukes and disables, invest in a Linken's Sphere. The artifact requires Perseverance (helps you regenerate HP and mana for staying in your lane) and Ultimate Orb (increases all your stats by +10). Linken's Sphere provides mana and HP regeneration, and blocks most targeted spells once every 20 sec. -- a really useful Passive.

    Vanguard - it gives 22 more HP than 2 Bracers, but the price is twice as much;
    Hood of Defiance - so you have really high magic resistance, but no HP to back it up;
    Sange & Yasha - you invest 5k gold on something that gives you 12 damage.

That's it! You were 'acquainted' with the sexy sorceress from Dota, call sign Lina Inverse.
Remember to keep those Dota Slayer's nukes rolling and have fun!

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