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Free online post apocalypse stories that will get you through the fallout

The end of civilization as we know it may occur at any given moment due to a catastrophe such as:
  1. nuclear warfare
  2. pandemic
  3. celestial body impact
  4. resource depletion
  5. global warming
  6. other disasters.

Post apocalypse relates to what happens after such a disaster. The time frame may be:

  1. immediately after,
    focusing on the efforts or psychology of survivors (watch "The Road").

  2. considerably later,
    often including the premise that the existence of pre-apocalypse civilization has been either forgotten or mythologized, the protagonist of the story (or movie) requiring a decent Wasteland Survival Guide in order to remain alive.

A Post Apocalypse Story: Fallout

Post apocalypse stories often take place in a non-technological future world or a setting where only scattered elements of technology exist (we highly recommend you play Fallout 2, a post nuclear role-playing game). By far the best RPG you will ever play, Fallout 2 is a classic RPG that you will not only love, but you will become addicted to. Through its post apocalypse story, Fallout will prove to you how magnificent role playing games can be. Watch the intro:

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  Fallout 2 Introduction (HD).

The Threat of Nuclear Warfare

Despite the end of the *Cold War*, the threat of nuclear war is still real. A number of states or terrorist groups possess nuclear devices and can deploy them at anytime. No one can say we're safe as the threat is still as menacing today as it was in the 60s.

The threat of nuclear war is a frightening thing to contemplate. There are some who argue that nuclear weapons have prevented many wars, the price of conflict between major powers being too high. Others argue that it is only a matter of time before a nuclear warfare occurs (remember North Korea's nuclear threat last year in 2010?)

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  "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." (J. Robert Oppenheimer)

Post Apocalypse Survival Guide

This survival guide to the post apocalypse is an instructional 8 minutes film intended to help the Australian population to *accommodate* after a nuclear attack. Apparently produced by the Australian Board of Civil Defence during the 80s, this guide uses large quantities of dark humor and minimalist animation. Viewer discretion is advised!

The film guides us through the trials that will await you in a post apocalypse world: from post apocalypse fashion and (very) original uses for human skulls, to becoming a local warlord and avoiding drinking contaminated water or the nearby radioactive mutants.

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  Ducked and Covered or How to Survive the Apocalypse.

As seen in most disasters, the government may not be there for you, and/or cannot accommodate/provide for everyone. Therefore, this post apocalypse survival guide is for all dwellers of the wastelands that don't need help from their government. With its dry methodical narration, Ducked and Covered is an inspired parody to the atomic age paranoia, as well as a reminder of what STILL COULD HAPPEN...

Post Apocalypse Stories

The Post Apocalypse as a genre gained in popularity after the Second World War, when the possibility of global annihilation by nuclear weapons was a terrifying reality. However, recognizable post apocalypse stories existed since 1826, when Mary Shelley (the author of famous "Frankenstein") published her novel "The Last Man" in which the protagonist is living in a future world emptied of humanity by plague.

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  Will the world really end in 2012 as the Mayans predicted?

The end of the world has been predicted throughout time from the ancient Greeks. We will provide you momentarily with a few post apocalypse resources, should you want to experience the fallout from the coziness of your chair. If you know any interesting free online post apocalypse stories, please send me an e-mail, and I will gladly promote them here.

Post Apocalypse Resources

  1. "I Am Legend" - In an abandoned New York City, a military virologist - the only survivor - tries to find a cure to the zombie pandemic.

  2. "2012" - The world ends with a global tsunami in this blockbuster movie. Vivos took the Mayan prophecy to the heart and are currently building an underground shelter network in the US to for the apocalypse.

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      Vivos: Underground shelter network to survive the apocalypse.

  4. "Life After People" - History Channel shows us what would a world without people be like. What would happen to all we'd leave behind?

  5. "Mad Max" - An Australian movie from the 80s depicts the decline of civilization.

  6. "A.I." (Artificial Intelligence) - A 2001 science fiction film produced by Steven Spielberg about human extinction after 2,000 years.

  7. "28 Days Later" - Hordes of fast-moving zombies devastate Britain. Also watch "28 Weeks Later" to see what happens later.

  8. "Children of Men" - All women are infertile in this 2006 dystopian sci-fi movie. However, there is still hope. ONE hope...

  9. "Wall-E" - The apocalypse through the eyes of Pixar following a lonely garbage collecting robot in a world long abandoned by humans and buried with trash.

  10. "Y: The Last Man" - Not Mary Shelley's "Last Man", but a graphic novel about a man who lives in a world inhabited only by women, comics praised by Stephen King.

Hoping that the world will not end tomorrow, I wish you a very safe and productive day....... If you liked this story, please take a moment to share it and to follow me on Twitter.

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