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A hot Al Bhed trying hard to protect Yuna.
In this article: a kind-hearted, loyal, fast and hot Al Bhed.

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Who is Rikku?

is a cute player character from "Final Fantasy X" and "Final Fantasy X-2." Although young (she's only 15), Rikku is very smart, bilingual (knows English, LoL) and skilled in chemistry and stealing. Yep, she's a thief!

Rikku can steal a large variety of items from enemies and bosses alike, many of which can only be acquired through theft. Although she acts childish most of the time, Rikku is also quite cheerful and positive, always trying to stop Yuna from going through with her "spiritual" journey. After Rikku helped Tidus in Spira, she joined the party in an effort to stop Yuna from sacrificing herself.

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Cosplay? What's that?
In case you don't know what is, it's short for "costume play" (cos-play) -- a distinctive form of art in which fans perform in costumes and accessories to represent a specific character from a videogame, a manga, movie, an anime or from a comic book.

Hence, the object of Cosplay is interpretation -- which is a person's attempt to become a character, much as an actor plays a role (in his costume).

Rikku Cosplay

Rikku is one of the top 3 most cosplayed characters in the world. Below are some cute photos of Rikku Cosplay. I personally searched for them on the Web, added color correction and adjusted brightness, so you can have an enjoyable experience. Below you will find the best cosplay costumes ever!

Latest Rikku Cosplay:

  1. Ultimate Rikku Cosplay Final
  2. Ultimate Rikku FF Cosplay
  3. Ultimate Rikku Cosplay Fantasy

Rikku Cosplay Costume

Following are the hottest Rikku Cosplay costumes on the Web! Apparently, these fangirls know their trade, don't they? Indeed, the "final fantasy" of boys!

Best Rikku Costumes:

  1. Best Rikku Cosplay Final Fantasy
  2. Cosplay Rikku FF
  3. Hot Rikku Cosplay
  4. Final Fantasy Rikku Cosplay
  5. Rikku Cosplay Bikini
  6. Rikku of Final Fantasy Cosplay

Did you know? G4 choose Rikku in 2004 as the "Hottest Character" and as "Baddest Good Girl" in 2005. In 2007, Rikku entered Tom's Games' list of the "50 Greatest Female Characters in Videogame History."

In 2008, Rikku ranked #15 on GameDaily's "50 Hottest Videogame Women" list and in 2010, our lovely thief ranked #16 on UGO's "50 Hottest Videogame Girls." Not that surprising giving that she's also Yuna's cousin!

Hot Rikku Cosplay

The Web allows many Cosplayers around the globe to create forums and Web sites centered on Cosplay activities. Why? To share stories, photos, news and tips, just like right this instant you're watching the best cosplay costumes ever of Rikku.

Rikku Cosplayers:

  1. Rikku Cosplay Final Fantasy X
  2. Animal Trainer Rikku Cosplay
  3. Rikku Cosplay Jessica Nigri
  4. Cute Rikku Cosplay
  5. Rikku Cosplay Nigri Jessica
  6. Rikku Cosplay Final Fantasy X-2

I hope you enjoyed watching photos of Rikku Cosplay as much as I enjoyed searching and sorting them out. Have a nice day! ;)

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