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Pokemon was never that hot before!
In this article: girls from the Comic-Cons dressed up in Pokemon.

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What's a Pokemon Cosplay?

pokemon pokeballs
As one would expect, Pokemon Cosplay is the act of dressing up in a Pokemon costume. There are lots of girls appearing at the Comic-Cons dressed up in hot Pokemon cosplay costumes. You're going to meet them now...

If you're looking for a little Pokemon cosplay inspiration, here you will find a good resource for Pokemon cosplays. Check out the Pokemon cosplay costumes! Don't forget to click on the pictures.

Let's start with Pikachu. Pikachu is an electric-type of Pokemon, the mascot or cosplay costume of choice among Pokemon lovers. Being a central character in the Anime series, Pikachu is, obviously, the most recognizable Pokemon. Pikachu can store electricity in its cheeks and then release it as lightning bolts at its enemies.

Best Pokemon Cosplayers

There are lots of cute, and young, Pokemon cosplayers around the world, including our favorite, Jessica Nigri. You can call them the Pokemon generation; they won't mind...

Sexy Pokemon Girls:

  1. Sexy Pokemon Cosplay
  2. En Garde! Pokemon Cosplay
  3. Young Pokemon Cosplay
  4. Roses Pokemon Cosplay
  5. Arbok Pokemon Cosplay
  6. Bulbasaur Pokemon Cosplay

Misty Pokemon Cosplay

Misty is a cute fictional character from the Pokemon generation. She travels with Ash in the anime series and she's an important character in "Pokemon Chronicles", a spin-off to the anime. After retrieving her... bike, Misty returns to the Cerulean Gym to resume her duties as the Gym Leader, the role in which she appears in all Pokemon games.

Misty Cosplayers:

  1. Hot Misty Pokemon Cosplay
  2. Pokeball Misty Pokemon
  3. Funny Misty Pokemon Cosplay

Misty is specialized in water-type Pokemons and was carefully designed to appeal to young girls. Unlike other aggressive female characters in the anime series, Misty didn't sacrifice her femininity in order to succeed, making the character further popular among young American women, while the young Japanese girls would identify more with the individual Pokemon species. Check out Misty Pokemon cosplay costumes above.

Body Painted Girl Pokemon Cosplay

Body Painted Cosplayer:

  1. Body Painted Jessica Pokemon Cosplay
  2. Body Painted Girl Pokemon Cosplay
  3. Body Painted Nigri Pokemon Cosplay

Dear Jessica Nigri, your daddy must have been a drug dealer, 'cause you're dope! Nigri is, without a doubt, the sexy face of Pokemon generation. She's the girl who loves to get into hot Pokemon cosplay every time the Comic-Con is in town. You've already seen her Pikachu costume at the beginning of this Pokemon Cosplay page.

ultimate cosplay girl best cosplay girl ultimate cosplay girl

I hope you enjoyed watching the Pokemon Cosplayers above. See you around!

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Jessica Nigri Cosplay
She's the most searched cosplayer on the Web

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