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Learn how to use Twitter for business or for advertising a product...

What is Twitter?

You're asking the wrong question! Perhaps the question should really be Do I tweet? And if you don't, why not? This is crucial if you want to learn how to use Twitter for your business or simply to advertise a product. Once upon a time there was blogging, and now there is TWITTER, a micro-blogging tool that has grown exponentially since its creation.

According to The WallBlog, Twitter has nowadays (2011) more than 300 million users! Given such popularity, it's no surprise that some celebrities would make use of it, as a means of solidifying their brand or expanding their fans base.

For example, @Schwarzenegger (the Governor, not the Terminator) has more than 2 million followers (or subscribers if you like) and his "tweets" inform the interested fellows what he's been doing lately ("I just took an aerial tour of our Delta with Sec. Salazar, who announced $260 mil in ARRA funds to help restore our Delta and create jobs."), but are light on personal details.

On the other hand, some people will use Twitter simply to let everybody know what they've had for dinner or how they're feeling today. Take Lady Gaga Twitter page for example. Needless to say, we all have different objectives or interests in life - and if yours is to learn how to use Twitter for business, we encourage you to continue reading.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet...

That is the question! Twitter is based around the simplest concept we've seen and revolves around a simple question: "What are you doing right now?" I am writing this article for example, then I'll share it on Twitter. :P

While some people argue that Twitter is too limited in its uses, this very aspect makes Twitter a very creative medium to work in. Twitter allow its users to post 140-character micro posts to inform their followers what they are doing at any moment in time. That's it! No one mile long blog post about irrelevant stuff, and not too much information to digest. It's all about the updates, really.

You know how long a tweet can be, so you need to get creative to make your followers interested on your tweets. Let me speak to you very quickly about Twitter:

Some people say that Twitter is a tool that can help you grow your business or advertising, while others would say that it's a complete waste of time and that you can't possibly take it serious. We say that Twitter makes it damn easy to put your business in front of the kind of people you will want to stay in-touch with, because it gives you all the tools you need to draw attention to yourself. You just have to learn how to use it.

Here's the thing: according to Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter has 100 million monthly active users with 50% of them loggin in every day. Can you really ignore that?!

People are not using Twitter just to let their followers know what they're doing. The site can also be used to ask questions or advice, and to connect with like-minded individuals. Did we mention you can also insert links in your tweets? That's right! So, once you have found someone you like, all you need to do is to click the Stalking, sorry I meant the Follow button on their profile. Being connected with a fellow Twitter enables you to keep an eye on all his future updates directly from your own profile.

But enough about this! You're here to learn how to use Twitter successfully, so let's get down to business, shall we?

Becoming Superman in Twitterville

  1. Customize Your Profile Page
    Include your business logo and create a background that relates to your business, making you stand out from the crowd. However, don't make your background look like some sort of advertisement because it will turn people off. Go to Settings, and then choose the Design tab. Also, make sure you fill the short bio and the URL of your company website, because every visitor you get is also a potential visitor. This is your first step in learning how to be successful with Twitter.

  2. Promote Your Twitter Profile
    That's right! People can't follow if they don't know you're there! When you joined Twitter you received a unique address that you can promote anywhere: on forums, on a particular website, as your email signature. For example, here's my address: You can follow me if you like to keep in-touch.

  3. Follow People with Similar Interests
    You have really nothing to gain by following thousands of people who have nothing in common with you or your business. "It's not about quantity, it's about quality." You want to be as targeted as possible when advertising, don't you? You have to have similar attitude on Twitter. But how to find these people?

    Go to Twitter Search and type down the words you're interested in. The search feature will return all profiles that include the keywords you searched for, people who had tweeted (posted) recently about your subject of interest.

  4. When Someone Follows You, Follow Back
    That is the polite thing to do... Let's say you have about 2,000 followers, but you're only following 20 people. This reflects badly on your online personality, so don't do that. Anyway, you need to follow people first, before they choose to either "stalk" you back or not. Prove them that you are worthy of being, well, followed.

    You should of course NOT FOLLOW ANYONE! There are lots of spammers out there and automatic accounts on Twitter which run feeds (I really hate those). There are also some people who will tweet like crazy, like there's no tomorrow, like they live on Twitter, like... I'm out of comparisons. Avoid those folks at any cost because they'll keep you from getting the tweets that really matter to you from your tweeple (people on Twitter). I use follow cost to find out how annoying will it be to follow you a person! Really handy tool for choosing who to follow/not follow on Twitter.

  5. Don't Sell Yourself Directly Through your Tweets
    Never do that! Instead, share something interesting that will encourage people to read more of your updates and maybe follow you. You don't need to spam through your tweets, since your profile includes your website already for everyone to visit should they choose so. Learn how to use Twitter for advertising the smart way!

  6. Write the Best Tweets you Can Come up With
    And let people decide if they want to learn more. Make your "headlines" sound interesting, intrigued, even shocking. Don't just throw out a link thinking people will follow it, because they won't!

  7. Ask Questions Rather than Posting Statements
    Don't use Twitter as a monologue. Engage your followers by asking questions, but make sure they're interesting enough to entice your followers to tweet back (to respond). This is also a useful method to get some fresh input about your blog or website or to find out their opinion about a product you're advertising or simply if you need a quick brainstorming.

  8. Use Keywords to Gain Extra Traffic
    Remember how you used Search to find other people with interests similar to yours? Guess what! They will do the same thing! So make sure you tell people what's your deal - what is your business or advertising interest - in your tweets. Stay focused and use keywords to attract people to your profile.

  9. Learn from Successful Twitters
    Make notes on how some people manage to get comments to their tweets. Best way to succeed - not only in Twitter, but also in life - is to learn from those who are already successful in their area. Ultimately, be prepared to experiment until you find your own voice. Myself, I tried to learn from @LadyGaga and failed miserably. Oh, wait, she's a celebrity, so people will tweet about her anyway. Nevermind that...

  10. Don't Always Link your Updates to Your Site
    That translates into: "Look, I'm a spammer! I don't care about your tweets. Here's a cool link! Hey, check out my new post. Have you seen it? Here's another one. I'm bored and decided to also bore you to death... HEY! WHY HAVE YOU UNFOLLOWED ME?" Even if we're called *tweeple*, we don't enjoy spamming; we're all people (except for the damn bots).

    There are some many interesting events out there worth mentioning! Add value to your conversations by sharing links of things that interest you. Provide your followers with bits of information that can really help out someone, but remain focused on your business. The key to any social networking is to always add value, so keep this in mind next time you post an update about what you're eating.

  11. Jump Right into Conversations
    See what your followers are talking about and ask a question. Don't forget! To use Twitter successfully you have to interact with people; don't use Twitter as a broadcasting tool. This is very important! Respond to others with advice and there's a good chance they might decide you're worth following.

  12. Don't Over Tweet. Don't Ever Do It!
    I will unfollow you without a second thought! Don't think others won't do the same. Annoy your followers and they will be forced to Unfollow you. And you don't want that. Please don't be a Twitter wh0re!

  13. Ultimately, Acknowledge Both New and Old Followers
    A nice way to thank your new and old friends by exposing them to your followers, who may never heard of them. One way to do this would be to type down "Welcome new followers @BritneySpears, @BarackObama, @LadyGaga." I wish...

Find Twitter Followers

To use Twitter for business or for advertising you first need a few followers. Why is that? Because they will help you get noticed! So, where can you get people who will follow you back on Twitter? Where, damn it!? Well, here's a tip for ya: start with this (Google).

Here's another tip: Register with Twiends - a service that lets you follow Twitter users with similar interests and, in return, other users will follow you.

Later on, you can remove tweeple who don't bring any value to you or if you just don't find them interesting enough. As in real life, choose carefully who you want to be friend with. Got it? So...

Are You Tweeting Yet?

The guidelines mentioned above will provide you with a great start in Twitterville! Use the mini blog to let everyone know about your business or to advertise a new product. Concentrate on acquiring followers over time and you will see your followers increase too, as long as your updates are calling to action and are relevant to them.

The possibilities are endless! If you're one of those lucky people, a day may come when you would ask your friends: "Jessica Alba follows me! Who follows you? Your mom?" Here's a little tip for ya: Should you want a celebrity to follow you, the secret is to work their network. Celebrities have a ring of non-celebrities followers that they constantly turn to: managers, agents or other guys who make them tickle. That's who you need to notice you! The little guys. If you can get them to follow you, you're on the right track. By the way, you're welcome! ;)

Remember, Twitter can be a big waste of time or a wonderful tool to market your business or product, to connect with like-minded individuals or to simply "stalk" celebrities (from a safe distance that is). It's easy to use, accessible, and straight to the point.

Come out from under your rock and register today! I taught you everything I know about how to use Twitter successfully; it's up to you now to gather the fruits. Good luck!

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