The Eyeborgs Movie

We are the Eyeborg. Your culture will adapt to serve us.
Resistance is futile...

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What happens when the system designed to protect you turns against you?

Mini Terminators Plan to Take Over the World

Let's start with the beginning: the so-called Eyeborgs are walking cameras designed to spy on citizens wherever they go. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) -- great name by the way -- created the in response to the increased terrorist attacks.

These walking cameras will soon arm themselves and seek your destruction, unless the guy from "Highlander" TV show stops them. What a joke!

This is the recipe for a bad science-fiction movie; however, I feel like giving it a chance and that's why I'm writing this article now. Bear with me...

The Eyeborgs Movie

The millions of robotic surveillance cameras are linked through the ODIN system (ODIN stands for Optical Defense Intelligence Network) and watch everyone for suspicious behavior, all in the name of security. In my opinion -- me being the graphics artist who drew the Asgard Heroes -- Eyeborgs pretty very good for a low-budgeted movie.

The little Eyeborgs reminded me of the Robocop's ED-209s. Heck, they even sound like them! That isn't that surprising giving the fact that the entire movie feels like a homage to many classic sci-fi flicks. Without revealing too much of the movie -- you will have to see it for yourself -- I can tell you that there's more to it than meets the eye. The story has depth, the main subject of the Eyeborgs movie being "man against machine," of course.

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 This is the trailer for Eyeborgs movie. Pretty funny, eh?

The movie cleverly reminds us how dependant we have become on technology. Like in "V for Vendetta," one of my favorite movies, there is symbolism in Eyeborgs, there's giving the government too much power due to fears of terrorism. Does anyone remember the Fifth of November anymore? Getting back to the Eyeborgs movie, Adrian Paul plays action very well, while Megan Blake (the reporter) is uncovering the story admirably.

eyeborgs movie small robot

The little camera robots are cute, like tiny robotic Gremlins on a killing spree, each with distinct personalities. Overall, a pretty enjoyable movie that deserves a sequel, giving its ending. If you're a fan of sci-fi, Eye-Borgs is a must see; I think you'll like it.

If you're like me, I'm sure that the Eyeborgs movie will make you thinking... Personally, I would love to see some of these voyeuristic bots patrolling the streets. Of course, provided that they don't carry any weapons whatsoever!

eyeborgs movie big robot

Oh, I almost forgot! If you're one of those who have privacy concerns, rest assured; the governments is already spying on you - they're just doing it online. ;)

If you liked this review, please take a moment to share it and let your friends know about the Eyeborgs movie. And remember what V said: "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

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