Remote Control Flying Clownfish
by William Mark

This RC (remote controlled) toy swims through the air with incredibly smooth and realistic motions. Weighting just one pound, the RC Clownfish provides hours of remote control indoor fun.

This beautiful helium filled toy is remote infra-red controlled, responds to your inputs moving with fish like tail movement, is made from durable nylon and will stay inflated for weeks.

A must-have for any RC fan. Highly recommended!

Remote Controlled Hero

I love playing with an RC toy every now and then. I usually dig RC helicopters, but I would like to tell you about this neat RC toy that you might like - if you're into this type of fun."

The RC Superhero is kind of a flying man, except that it isn't. Alive that is, because boy that thing can fly! I'd like to think of it as the Iron Man, without the man. And the armor.


The Fake Superman
Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it... a superhero?

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A new kind of hero! A deceiving superhero who can play with people's minds...

Imagine this: one evening, as you're walking down the street, lost in thoughts, you look up to the sky and you see a flying man! Wait, what?! You start asking:

"Is it The Rocketeer?" No. "Is it Superman?" No! "Is it Iron Man?" Nope. "What is it then?" It's RcSuperhero -- a remotely controlled fake superhero!

When it's high in the sky, you can't even tell it's not real! I bet anyone owning one of these toys can get some honest "Look! Up in the sky!" moments from unsuspecting observers. Fool ya!

Kid: "Look mom! It's Superman!"
Mother: "There's no- Whatta...?"

It's a geeks' toy, I know... However, imagine the fun you would have with this flying fake superhero and the pranks you could make to people. Genius! If I am to make one suggestion, I would ask Greg to make a fake UFO as well. Hahaha!

How about a hundred of these fake Iron Men rising menacing to the sky? These toys really have the capacity to play with people's minds, don't they? Flying around like Superman? You can't! But at least with RcSuperhero you can create the illusion of flying like Superman to prank others.

The RC Superhero

Now, some technical specifications for the curious mind. RcSuperhero comes in two sizes: a 75'' and a 57 inch model. The 57'' model is easier to carry around, less expensive and also easier to build. On the other hand, the 75 inch fake Superman weighs 3 pounds and has an engine of 6 pounds of thrust. The engine has enough thrust to allow both models to make vertical take-offs (just like your favorite flying superhero.)

Because it has a high wing (like a Piper cub) with a low center of gravity, plenty of vertical tail surfaces and oversized control surfaces, the RC Superhero can fly upright from a stand. The fake superhero will land on his belly skids. I only wish this thing had a attached to it, meaning it would fly solar-powered.

Putting a RcSuperhero together may not be for everyone, but that's the only way they come. You can buy the plans (for $20) to build the superhero mock up that flies like an RC plane or you can buy the whole kit from (for about $350).

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 This is the RcSuperhero. It can be quite deceitful from afar...

Have you watched the video above? Well then, time to decide if you NEED a Superhero! Hint: The RcSuperhero can provide false hope in case of an emergency situation. Get it? ;)

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