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The leaning car and other funny cars

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Top 10 Weirdest Cars in the World

Are you wondering what the smallest ever to be mass produced is? Did you know what is the fastest car in the world? It's called Thrust SSC and it can reach 800 mph (1300 kph) in just seconds! Did you know that there's a car that leans like a motorcycle when taking turns? Have you ever seen a car that moves in all directions (360 degrees) making parallel parking a kid's game? When you thought you've seen it all...

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Have you ever seen the 1920s locomotive car or laid your eyes on an amphibian car from the 60s? Dreaming of space age cars or you would just settle for an eco friendly car?

The Funniest Cars in the World

Below you will read about some of the weirdest cars to ever be mass produced.

The Amphibian Car
The amphibian car, released in the 60s in Germany, can still be bought from various online Websites. Should you want to get one for yourself, simply search on Google "amphicar for sale". More than 3,000 amphibian cars were imported in the United States and 800 never left Germany. The weird Amphicar is rear engined, has a 4 cylinder British-built motor producing 40hp and can reach 7mph on water. All 1960 Amphicars are convertibles! Should you be interested in a modern amphibian car, check out the Hydra Spyder.

amphibian car

The Leaning Car
Official name: "Nissan Land Glider". Revealed by Nissan at Tokyo Motor Show in 2009, the cool Land Glider is a two-seater specially designed for urban use. This weird car handles the road in a manner similar to motorcycles by leaning up to 17 degrees when taking turns. If you're a big fan of motorcycles and want to switch to cars, Nissan Land Glider is the perfect choice for you. Shifting the centre of gravity by leaning provides a new, exciting sense of driving, not to mention that this is a zero-emission car. I want one!

leaning car

The Locomotive Car
A locomotive and a car combined in one vehicle. Early in the 1920s the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) joined forces with General Electric and Ingersoll-Rand to produce a motor car for the Jay Street Connecting Railroad. Model GM-50 was essentially a diesel powered motor car, somewhat similar to an interurban car.

locomotive car

Smallest Car in The World
Peel P50 is a three-wheeled microcar manufactured in the 60s in United Kingdom. It is the smallest car ever to go into mass production. Having one door to the left, a windscreen wiper and one headlight, this weird car came in colors white, red and dark blue. Reaching a speed of 38 mph, the funny Peel P50 had no reverse gear and was priced at £200.

fastest car in the world

Fastest Car in The World
If you're wondering what is the fastest car in the world, it's the Thrust SSC (Super Sonic Car).

This weird car bearing 2 Rolls-Royce turbo jets can travel at 800mph, breaking the "World Land Speed Record".

The SSC can accelerate from 0 to 600mph in only 16 seconds, but to decelerate from full speed to 0 it requires 1 minute over a distance of 7 miles. The fastest car in the world weighs 10 tons.

Space Age Car
On its original name "Railton Mobil Special", this funny looking car is powered by two supercharged W12 aircraft engines. In the 1940s this revolutionary car broke the land speed record at 400 mph. The record lasted for 15 years! Tragically, in 1952, the space age car's creator, John Cobb, was killed pursuing the "World Water Speed Record". If you live in England or you ever plan to visit it, you can admire the Railton Special at the Museum of Science and Industry in Birmingham.

The Rotating Car
Even if it's not so great to live in Japan right now because of their radioactive problems after the killer tsunami, problems such as , it is truly admirable the effort the Japanese show in designing environmentally safe cars.

rotating car

Running on a lithium-ion battery, the Japanese rotating car (Nissan Pivo 2) has 4 motors, one on each wheel, which can turn the car by 360 degrees. The cabin fits 3 people, which is impressive for this very tiny vehicle. "Pivo" comes from the Czech word for "beer" -- name chosen by the designers because they consumed a large number of Pilsner Urquels when designing the car. Which is fully understandable given that you have to either be drunk or crazy to design such weird car (Nissan Pivo 2) that moves like a crab.

The Jet Car
This funky car produces 260 hp and runs on both gasoline and hydrogen, giving the BMW hydrogen car a range of more than 400 miles. Hydrogen 7 was designed allowing its master to conform to ecological standards without making any sacrifices, burning "clean" fuel. But the image is one of deceit. Yes, the hydrogen technology dramatically reduces emissions, but the hydrogen dispensed from their home filling stations is generated primarily from natural gas, so the new eco car puts about as much strain on the environment as a heavy truck with a diesel engine.

jet car

Now that you've seen them all, if you could afford it, what weird car would you buy? I choose the Leaning Car anytime, but my guess is that you've already chosen the SSC (the fastest car in the world). Just keep in mind that the SCC ran in the desert to break that "World Land Speed Record"; there are no streets for it. That's a boomer...

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