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The top 10 tweets that shocked the world and broke all trending records on Twitter.

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Important tweets that changed the world as we know it...

10 Tweets That Shocked The World

Here are the top 10 tweets that shocked the world and broke all trending records on Twitter. As you know, some tweets document history, others make history. These ten are the ones that fall into both categories. Over the past two years, we've documented quite a few notable tweets, from the Osama bin Laden's death tweet to the Facebook acquisition by Google and the World of StarCraft launch event. Keep reading!

#10 Skynet Goes Online

This is the day when Skynet went online, contemplating on how to throw humanity into an endless warfare against the machines.

tweets that shocked the world skynet

Although SKynet's actions are not yet visible, it is there; lurking on the Internet, preparing to the best of its abilities to terminate us. Happy Skynet Becomes Self-Aware Day!

#9 Osama bin Laden's Death

Without knowing, Sohaib Athar, a Pakistani IT consultant, tweeted about a helicopter crash in his town, Abbottabad, at 1 in the morning.

tweets that changed the world osama

The crash happened to be linked with the U.S. raid that led to Bin Laden's death.

#8 Justin Bieber's Death

According to eye witnesses the singer's car, a Ferrari F430, launched into the Vickery Creek overpass. The force of the crash broke the car apart and ejected Bieber through the front windshield. He was taken immediately to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, GA.

tweets that shocked the world bieber

Unfortunately, the teen superstar died shortly from his injuries. Bieber's fans were devastated and have practically overloaded Twitter for several hours with tweets of the terrible news, many still thinking it was just a Twitter celebrity death hoax.

#7 Google Acquired Facebook

Google, world's most popular search engine, acquired Facebook after an extensive negotiation between Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Larry Page, CEO of Google. The negotiation that made history lasted secretly for over a month between the two giants and ended with Google buying Facebook for $80 billion.

tweets that changed the world google

Google's first implementation after the merging was to allow its users, specifically the owners of Gmail accounts, to "Like" the search results. This feature is still in Beta.

#6 Rebecca Black Quits Singing

"YouTube sensation Rebecca Black not only lost her inspiration, but also her voice,"
Yahoo! News announced the early morning of July 13th.

tweets that changed the world rebecca

Apparently, things were worse than we thought and proof to that was Rebecca Black's Friday official music video being taken down from YouTube the very next day, at the young singer's request, after collecting more than 200 million views.

#5 World of StarCraft Launch

Nuclear launch detected! No, it's not Skynet. Blizzard finally announced a midnight release event for "World of StarCraft" across Europe on December 8 2011.

tweets that changed the world starcraft

The event was hosted by GAME's Oxford Street branch in London and was attended by lead designer Dustin Browder. A memorable moment in the history of gaming.

#4 First Alien Contact

The Curiosity rover was launched December 2 2011 towards Mars, in an exploration mission. It reached the red planet's orbit on August 9 2012 and landed on the surface after two days of intensive preparations and checks by Johnson Space Center. Shortly after that, an alien spaceship entered orbit.

weets that shocked the world curiosity

All means of communications failed for over a month. On September 15 2012, Earth satellites picked up a transmission from the mother ship. The message was received in all languages and translates "Prepare yourselves. The end is near."

#3 Pakistan's Taliban War

After Sep. 15, no further messages were received from the strange alien ship, but one was more than enough to cause global panic over fears of an "invasion."

tweets that changed the world war

NBC News announced that the long-lasting war between Pakistan and Taliban has finally come to an end due to last month's NASA discovery of the alien spaceship, still orbiting the red planet. Just like it happened with the Osama bin Laden's death, the tweet was a trending topic on Tweeter for days.

#2 Lady Gaga The Antichrist

The horrifying tweet came directly from the Vatican and shocked the world to its core. Mother Monster's fans were terrified at the idea of worshiping the "mother of all evil" and of helping her set things into motions for the upcoming Armageddon.

tweets that shocked the world gaga

Although few remained skeptic at the news, namely her atheist followers, the evidences speak for themselves. Multiple times during concerts, the pop star has been seen levitating and burning in flames, but the audience thought it was all special effects.

#1 The World Ends

Will the world end on December 21 2012? Mayans seems to think so.

tweets that shocked the world 2012

The last cycle, the so-called "Unity" cycle, of the Mayan Prophecy ended on March 9 2011, and apparently they predicted it would end with a massive earthquake. As you remember, the massive Japanese earthquake occurred on the 10th of March.

As of December 1 2012, the Earth's poles started to change, despite all prior assurances from our scientists that the shift would take years to complete. Small earthquakes were reported all over the globe since and it's expected that deadly cosmic radiation to pass through our planet's magnetic field when the reversal process reaches 0.

The scientist estimated that that would likely happen on December 21th. Since the alien ship moves towards Earth and, at its current speed, it would reach us in three days, we can only hope it is our means of salvation from the impending doom...

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